PHS Recordsmanagement

PHS Records Management (formerly FileStore) has used Angleton Ltd for the supply and installation of our racking since 2003. We have found them to be a very good supply partner. I stress the word ‘partner’ as we have been able to discuss our needs with their professional team and develop a strategy that suited both businesses, financially and operationally.

Angleton’s design team have been able to produce detailed drawings and racking specifications that have enabled us to maximise the use of space within our warehouses. Their installation team have always been professional and efficient when working on our site. Together with our operational team they have always been available to build the racking, to the specifications of the drawings but more importantly as and when we required it.

PHS Records Management have had a special requirement that meant we needed to secure the racking needed for a particular unit up front and then only build as required within each unit. Angleton have always been more than helpful in being able to schedule the installation team to meet our needs.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Angleton Ltd as a supply partner for any company.

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