Safety and Storage Equipment


Angleton supply and install a wide range of warehouse protection and safety equipment that meets HSE standards.

Column Guards – To protect individual racking uprights from forklift damage.

Barriers – To provide protection between pedestrians and commercial traffic or provide added protection to the racking from forklift damage.

Anti-collapse mesh – To ensure palletised items cannot fall off the back of racking where the rack is not positioned against a wall, or part of a double entry run.

Safety signs – These include, fire exit, emergency, hazard and mandatory signs

Racking labels and floor markings – These include, magnetic and self adhesive location / identification markers.

For more information on any of these products, please contact Angleton on 01444 401550. Alternatively, click on our catalogue link or request a copy of the latest copy of our Industrial and Commercial catalogue. This details all our ancillary products including safety, storage, handling, access and lifting equipment, office equipment and environmental control.